Colonial Bag helps a University Medical Center improve their overall productivity, sustainability and efficiency.

Healthcare Case Study

When a University & Medical hospital reduces its costs, the benefits can go back to improving all aspects of the healthcare and education eco system.

With this in mind, Colonial Bag helped a University & Medical hospital develop an institution-wide can liner program to bring not just per item cost savings, but also reduced plastic waste and labor time.

First, Colonial Bag helped introduce perfect fit can liners designed with precision to match the exact dimensions of the receptacles. Liners that do not fit tight and lay right on the bottom of the receptacle must be tied off each time to prevent slipping resulting in additional labor expense.

Further time was saved by color-coding select liners, allowing staff to identify the right liner quickly by color rather than guessing or checking box labels. These liners were also smaller, requiring less plastic to manufacture and significantly reducing the University’s environmental impact.

With the help of Colonial Bag, the University & Medical hospital diverted nearly 40 tons of plastic from the landfills each year—a 25% reduction in plastic usage and lower purchasing costs. In addition, the labor savings added up to an estimated 1,406 labor hours annually.


Stop wasting money and resources on can liners that do not fit properly or are the or are the incorrect thickness. Colonial Bag will conduct an extensive site survey to determine

  • Proper size liners
  • Optimum gauge thickness
  • Best resin application


  • Cost and labor savings right sizing
  • Improvement in waste handling
  • Reduced plastic usage and landfill waste reduction

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